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Friday, May 28, 2004

Analyst Matrix

It only took NPD about five years to understand what gamers feel: games based on movies invariably suck. Really suck.

What happened? A few publishers developed strategies based around licenses as strategic assets - like FIFA, Madden, etc. Hyperimitation set in, and people picked up licenses indiscriminately, missing the point of licenses as strategic assets - they still had to be backed up with a competence in making fun games. Instead, the asset became an excuse for the resource - licenses became an excuse for making cool games, because it was assumed by publishers that licenses gave massive marketing leverage. Nonstrategy, in other words - license = strategy.

On another level, this is what happens when droids and suits gain control of creative industries - their incentives and expectations are very different from the guys that actually create. Blah, blah,'s an old story by now. Of course, back then, analysts were gushing about these kinds of (non)strategies being the kind of innovation needed to grow the market.

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