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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The certification of Linux means that MS has gotten exactly what they wanted.

It's too bad geeks aren't strategists, because if they were, they'd understand that MS has just employed a classic tactic, called the Defense Through Subtle Distinction, where you call attention to any ambiguity in an opponent's proposition - no matter how small or 'subtle'. Then you can exploit it, by creating a distinction - pointing out how you (or your products, services, etc) are superior. This is a chink in the armor that can be widened with a huge variety of other tactics.

Look, the truth does come out in the end - even in nasty places like markets. The point is that it can take a long time - and you might not be around to see it, unless you can think at least a little strategically.

Of course, this decision will have huge knock-on effects on the innovation rate of the user base and, most importantly, the incentive to innovate, because it shifts the gains to innovation.

Bad move - really bad.

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