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Friday, May 28, 2004

Consumer needs

"...clinical drug trials resulting in negative findings are routinely ignored; that the existence of these "file-drawer studies" is well-known among researchers, psychiatrists, and FDA policymakers; that the bulk of the studies concerning children show no benefit whatsoever from antidepressants; and that studies involving adults aren't much more convincing. Perhaps most shocking of all, FDA honchos even conceded that for some time they opposed adding warning labels to antidepressants because they feared it would expose the pharmaceutical industry to liability.

So far none of this seems to have had much effect on the sales of antidepressants in this country. According to a study published in the April issue of Psychiatric Services, use of these drugs by children and adolescents is growing by 10 percent a year; the fastest-growing user group is preschoolers".

The psychiatrist in the interview is a smart guy, but he misses the point. It's not big Pharma that convinced us depression was 'a disease'; it was capitalism itself - depression as disease goes back to the Industrial Revolution, which is where the meme first surfaced - along with moral panics about drugs, etc.

Any individual that threatened the social structures the machines built was (and is) subject to a host of social controls, from 'illness' to 'deviance' to, at the extreme, 'crime'.

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