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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Exogenous Shock

Lovelock compares global warming to Hitler (invoking Godwin's law on the Gaia Hypothesis itself), Slashdot panic ensues. No one else pays much attention.

I think he's making an absolutely fundamental point - all the links are at the Slashdot thread, which is worth reading.

It's too bad Bush has stocked the EPA with people still essentially on the corporate payroll, slashed and politicised funding for fat science projects that aren't related somehow to 'Homeland Security', etc, etc, etc - now, it's almost definite that nothing's going to happen until some kind of exogenous shock tips the system into disequilibrium, because the people who have expertise and commitment can't do anything - there is no game to analyse, the other side's been taken out of the game.

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