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Friday, May 28, 2004

OK. We've all heard by now about MS's new $50 competitor to the iPod. First point to note: they announced this at an analyst call. Second point to note: MS's meaning of 'look and feel' generally means the OPPOSITE of Apple's, ie, it's driven by the marketing droids rather than being user-driven. Third point to note: this is part of a play to gain tighter control over the entire digital media space, which means that it will have to have watertight DRM, end-to-end identity management, etc, etc, for MS to be able to leverage it with suppliers for it's music service and other services.

Given all that, my take is that it's a) massive vaporware designed to force Apple into an equally massive strategic error (like Linus Torvalds just committed) and b) going to fail miserably, because it won't solve the value equation - consumers will arbitrage away the negative value from the rights and identity controls by simply choosing a more flexible alternative.

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