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Monday, May 24, 2004

Politics of the Day

The Pentagon's denying killing innocents at a wedding, denying it despite obvious footage of mangled dead babies. Here's, most likely, where the sad sad truth lies:

"...Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, 40 people were murdered in western Iraq while they were celebrating a wedding- an American helicopter fired at the civilians, killing women and children. Apparently, the guests at the wedding were shooting klashnikovs into the air. You'd think that the Americans would know by now that shooting klashnikovs into the air is a form of celebration and considering the fact that the party was far from any major town or city, the shots were virtually harmless. No one did anything about the shots being fired when Saddam was caught- in spite of the fact that Baghdad was a virtual firestorm of bullets for several hours. That was ok- that was 'acceptable' and even amusing to the 'authorities'. I can see how dozens of women, children and celebrating men would be a 'threat' though. Yes, it makes perfect sense."

Read the rest of the blog. Look, I know you don't come here for politics - but take it from me, I've spent a hell of a lot of time in the Third World. And where there's Kalashnikovs and rednecks - and these poor bastards were the equivalent of Iraqi rednecks - there's gonna be celebratory firing in the air. If you don't trust the Iraqis, trust me - people do it at weddings, birthdays, blah blah blah. All the time in fact (well, people also get killed by it, but not usually by helicopter gunships).

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