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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Corporate of the Day

From the Journal:

"...Yet that strategy helped 25-year-old J. Hamilton Halberg rapidly win multiple promotions, plus a transfer to corporate headquarters. The young man said he joined his company a year ago "as an office grunt passing out faxes to everyone in the office. I did my job well and showed that I took my position seriously by wearing a tie, a crisp collared shirt and dress slacks."

His wardrobe was far from typical. "Cargo pants, an occasional pair of jeans, midriffs and otherwise slovenly dress dominated the workplace," he recollected. Co-workers ribbed him every day for donning a tie.

"Now, a little less than a year and three positions later," Mr. Halberg wrote, "I'm happily working as one of five analysts handpicked by upper management serving on a small, specialized IT team." He added, "I think everyone out there knows that dressing well will not guarantee you success on the job. What it did for me, though, was convince others I was serious about my work, and that made it worth the extra effort."

I found this extremely funny.

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As they say - "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:23 AM

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