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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

How can I comment on a headline like "After Serving Time, Executives Now Serve Up Advice"?

Are there really valuable lessons to be learned here? Half of what you learn in business school is how to game the system - and half of what you learn in a classic post b-school career is how not to get caught doing it. Let's be frank; most of these guys did either what they were taught, or what was expected of them.

OK, OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, to be sure - the real question is this: are there really valuable lessons to be learned here? Do you really need to hear about the perils of breaking the law from someone who got caught?

You can get that lecture from my friendly neighborhood policeman. He gave it to me every year, in grades 1-6. It had zero impact on me, simply because I got much greater value from doing the usual teenage illegal things than from not doing them - I realized gains to my financial capital, social capital, intellectual capital, and cultural capital. The equation's pretty much the same in the corporate world.

Or maybe this is this just another example of the kind of purposelessness that drives herding behaviour like buying into fads in corporate boardrooms. You decide.

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