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Thursday, July 15, 2004

(Mittal is having trouble logging in, so I'm posting some stuff he wants to share -Matt)

The first few I wanted to post are based on the theme of "fortune at the bottom of the pyramid", based upon a brilliant eponymous article from CK Prahalad. The idea is that technology products and services tailor-made for the world's poorest market can be highly profitable. I found that to be a cool strategy and also made me wonder as to why mosre companies are not doing it. I'd like you all to think about the HP link I sent out earlier in the context of this theme.

Here's the original article from Prahalad.

Here's the upcoming book from the Wharton Press.

The original HP link.

Here's Om Malik from Gigaom lamenting that Apple is blowing is huge opportunity in India.

Social entrepreneurship at Stanford.

An interesting start-up venture spun-off from Stanford and funded by KP.

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