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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Adbusters' latest project is kind of a bizarre and misguided take on economics. They try and link neoclassical econ's overemphasis on quantification and model (which has been rightly criticized by many eminent economists) with...everything they hate in the world.

Sorry, but the two just don't link up. 'True-cost' pricing is the very essence of economics. Markets do work in the real world; that's why we use them.

I understand and sympathize with Adbusters' frustration with the corporates - but attacking econ is stupid. Econ is not responsible for killing species and deforestation. In fact, econ gives us the only tools we can really use to build systems to stop such lunacy.

I hate to rant, but I think this is a case of Adbusters being too naively first world for their own good. They should spend some time in the third world - where markets aren't - to experience the counterfactual: life without economics. Clearly, life with econ is a hell of a lot better.

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