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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Al-Jazeeeeeera Banned in Iraq

Look, you're probably thinking this is great news. Actually, here's what your friendly local talking heads aren't telling you:

1) Al-Jazeera is cut off all over the Arab world, because those guys think it's too biased towards us. The Saudis hardly let it cover anything at all. Bahrain's completely banned it.

2) Nobody cares, they get it via satellite anyways.

3) I am no big fan, but I will say this: Al-Jazeera is the only channel on which I have seen the war. Fou will see what a car bomb does to innocent bystanders in total detail - bodies blown apart - on Al-J. Of course, this kind of information may force you to reevaluate what your preferences - which is exactly what the talking heads doesn't want.

Their strategy is simple: they're always and everywhere better off grabbing attention-share (viz Michelle Malkin) than winning mind-share, because it's cheaper and stickier.

3) Saudi clerics issued a fatwa against Pokemon.

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