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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Antibiotic resistance is quietly lurking as a potential disaster of black death proportions. High rates of bacterial mutation, general disinterest and improper drug use by the public, in combination with prohibitively high development and testing costs for pharma companies is leading us down a dangerous path.

So what's this mean? Well aside from a complete overhaul of the FDA (or relevant regulatory agency) drug approval policy for antibiotics or a concerted international effort to provide incentive for novel antibiotic or alternative drug therapy development (both of which seem unlikely any time in the near future), we're all screwed.

Seriously though, this type of trend will likely lead to some developing markets for products such as this. Crazy yes, but likely an indication of things to come. More promising developments (involving legitimate science) are mentioned here. My bet is on the bacteriaphages (good time to read up on some old Russian science).

-- dhd // 5:17 PM // 2 comments


Speaking of Russian science...don't forget colloidal silver. It was one of THE standard treatments before the advent of sulfa drugs and antibiotics--and was used by Florence Nightengale in the Crimean War. I have personally used it to great effect to cure...nasty infections I won't horrify you with.
// Blogger mitsugomi // 6:15 PM

I've heard colloidal silver works, although the FDA isn't very happy with it. Mind you, I wouldn't want to turn in to the fourth member of the blue man group, if you know what I mean.
// Blogger dhd // 7:00 PM

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