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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Beeb asks if vinyl will disappear. won't - because to guys like me, tinny music on MP3 is not a substitute for the warmth of music on vinyl. In fact, they're complements.

Now, people like me aren't the mass market obviously. But the growth rate in my segment is really, really high; and so this is a niche that is the future of music demand, not the past. This is not a paradox to anyone under the age of 25.

Nice quote, though:

"..."Record companies used to be run by record lovers, providing some amazing packages," he said. "Now they're run by accountants."

-- umair // 12:05 PM // 3 comments


While vinyl lovers like you and I will keep on purchasing vinyl, the market overall for vinyl collapsed a long time ago.

Who are your favorite artists that you buy on vinyl?
A portion of my collection is here:

p.s. The registering that one has to do to comment severely raises the bar on commenting. You may want to seriously consider getting rid of the registration barrier.
// Blogger Gen Kanai // 6:00 AM

Hiya Gen,

You're right, of course - the overall market size for vinyl is much smaller than it was 20/30 years ago.

But think about it this way: vinyl plays a critical role in the music ecosystem. Cool music comes out on vinyl first, and it's largely sold to people who buy mostly vinyl. This segment of 'influencers', or whatever we wanna call em, is a growing segment.

So, paradoxically, there are probably actually *more* vinyl-supported labels today than there were 10 years ago.

That discog is pretty cool - I am gonna build one. I like to listen to the kind of things that come out of Hardwax (link @ my blogroll).

You can comment w/o registering, Blogger is just playing silly games by making the anonymous link much much smaller than the register link. How lame is that!! Shame on you Blogger.
// Blogger umair // 11:11 AM

google is started to show signs of evil.
// Blogger dhd // 8:22 PM

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