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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Global Warming vs Rhetoric as Corporate Strategy

"...Part of what makes this book important is its indictment of the American news media's coverage of global warming for the past two decades. Indeed, when the author investigates why the United States is virtually the only advanced nation in the world that fails to recognize the severity of this growing crisis, he concludes that the news coverage is ''a large reason for that failure.''...

At a time when prominent journalists are writing mea culpas for allowing themselves to be too easily misled in their coverage of the case for war in Iraq, Gelbspan presents a devastating analysis of how the media have been duped and intimidated by an aggressive and persistent campaign organized and financed by coal and oil companies. He recounts, for example, a conversation with a top television network editor who was reluctant to run stories about global warming because a previous story had ''triggered a barrage of complaints from the Global Climate Coalition'' -- a fossil fuel industry lobbying group -- ''to our top executives at the network.''

...When he got letters disputing the facts in his very first article, he was at first chastened -- until he realized the letters were merely citing the industry-funded scientists. He accuses this group of ''stealing our reality.''"

Link. I don't post these Philip K Dickian links to be alarmist. In fact, my point is that this is an incubator for whole new industries and economics.

I get very happy when Cheneys and his replicants make strategy that's this myopic - because it gives revolutionaries nice big vital points to strike, vaporizing old industries, and create massive wealth by seeding new, better ones.

-- umair // 5:25 PM // 1 comments


Umair, I read your blog regularly and enjoy it greatly. Don't think I've commented before.

Anyone who can refer to a link as "Philip K Dickian" has a reader for life in me. :)

Thank you for posting this. I agree with your analysis (as usual). I'm a Canadian working in US politics and I am always looking for well-documented examples of Republicans substituting paid-for propaganda in place of hard science. People here aren't aware, at all, that this is happening.
// Blogger mitsugomi // 5:47 AM

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