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Friday, August 20, 2004

Intellectual bankruptcy : America's War on Drugs turns to prosecution of physicians who prescribe painkillers. Everytime I think the Shrub and his chimps cannot possibly become any more stupid, they always manage to astound me some more. Our entertainer this evening is none other than the oh-so-lovable Mr Ashcroft.

Let's think about the consequences of such idiotic actions. Are they going to stop patients from seeking pain releivers? No, pain is a strong motivator and influencer of choice. Where is this going to lead the patients to? Grey market for prescription medicine or, in the worst case, drug trade on the Street. Who'll benefit, even if we assume that people will be too scared to run into the arms of their friendly neighbourhood crack dealer? Suppliers in the grey market, who don't ask too many questions. I'd bet on these to be mostly hard to regulate Internet pharmacies. Will the patients know exactly what drugs to order from them? Nope, that's why they go to their doctor, silly! Is that going to stop them from ordering whatever drugs they think might work on their pain? Of course, not. What incentives do their doctors have to monitor their patients' health? Let's see : lack of knowledge of what drugs their patients are on, increased malpractice insurance premiums, strong fear of prosecution by Ashcroft's goons and exposure to liability risk. Sounds like no incentives to me. My prediction? Patients will pay more for drugs and self-administer high-risk treatments to escape pain. Will they be better off? Doh!

-- Mahashunyam // 2:20 AM // 2 comments


Ha ha!! And let's not even get into how much *more* costly this is going to be in terms of patients' health. Welcome to the stupidity tax.
// Blogger umair // 3:18 AM

Exactly! But I was just too shell-shocked by this to even start delving into the gargantuan quagmire of the American healthcare system. You are right, the "First World" really is turning into the "New Third World". Will the madness ever end? Oh despair!
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 4:14 AM

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