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Monday, August 16, 2004

Laws of the Machine

Two nice illustrations of my 3 laws of machines today:

#2 - Machines exert their own sociality. The explosive growth in online dating services creates demand for personal ad writers. But economics is only a description. It misses the effects of greater efficiency in the dating market - radically altered social structures and norms.

"...In his rewrite, he nixed space-wasters. "When they ask for five things [one has] in the bedroom" -- a standard personals question -- "don't include bed," he said. He tried to flesh out what he saw as Ms. Quattlebaum's naughty-schoolgirl side. Her original ad said her favorite on-screen sex scene was "Charlotte Gray ... passionate kissing and Secretary ... big sigh."...

...In Mr. Tesauro's hands, that answer became: "A little roughhousing in Secretary made me want to take dictation, though Cate Blanchett's Charlotte Gray reminds me that passionate kissing is enough to make a girl tingle."

#3 - Machines exert their own morality: In the UK, plans are underfoot to track the children of criminals:

"...In an interview with The Independent, Hazel Blears, the Policing minister, says she is optimistic that "tracking" and "targeting" can help prevent children becoming criminals like their parents".

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