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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Politics of the Day (3) (Via Mefi). The Dems are so out of it they can't even get a similar effort together for Bush, which is fairly amazing (if expected).

We all know there will be some kind of October surprise - simple tactical thinking would tell the Dems to plan a counter-surprise, decoy, misdirection, intimidation, bluff, threat, blah, blah; they're incapable of that as well. We all know that the great civil rights movements of the 20th century are based on symbolic nonviolent resistance; the Dems can't get this together either. The best they can come up with is to challenge Bush to weekly debates.

Yeah, I know I'm kind of jumping to conclusions about what Dems may or may not want - I'd just like to make the point that, imho, their capacity for strategic thinking is probably less than my kid sister's. Actually, that's saying a lot, since she can kick my ass.

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We don't have the power to impeach Bush. The Dems would have to controll Congress first. Yet another reason why the elections this year are so important.
// Blogger mitsugomi // 6:47 AM

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