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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Release the Photos

There are more and worse Abu Ghraib photos. The Post has the entire disc (as do others). Sy Hersh has talked about them. I would like to see them. Would you?

Someone should set up a website. I would, but I'm (honestly) too chicken, because I don't want to get clockwork gitmo'd.

Aside - this is why I think the Dems are missing a big opportunity. Coordination machines do things. Blogs are only information machines - they filter things. Now, there are many different kinds of filters. But they can't multiply action like coordination machines can. would be a nice example of a coordination machine.

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My big question, Umair: if I find the stomach to keep working in US politics, how much will it cost me to get you on retainer one day?
// Blogger mitsugomi // 2:49 PM

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