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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A strong argument from Clay Shirky illustrating why the current system of EM spectrum licensing is stifling innovation and hurting the pocket book of the consumer.
Adding to his thoughts, with the realization of a spectrum management mechanism based on a smart cognitive radio (as opposed to the current dumb radio system), the need for licenses will be completely subverted as the devices themselves will determine, communicate about and ultimately share spectrum resources.

-- dhd // 6:39 PM // 2 comments


I read this article and found it interesting. I note, however, that it is dated from the year 2000. I wonder if a comparison study has been done since in order to see if this supposition turned to fact.
// Blogger B.D. // 4:09 PM

The article makes sense to me, both in relation to what was happening in 2000 and the current state of affairs. What would be interesting is to find the counter arguement (if it exists), and (as you've stated) the actual outcomes. I'll see if i can dig it up.
// Blogger dhd // 8:58 PM

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