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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Surveillance Marketing

Realizing the exponentially increasing gains to coordination, especially in the face of convergence across media, ad-supported industries develop a new standard to assign unique identifiers to ads and other 'marketing assets'. It's called Ad-ID.

"...The top four U.S. broadcast networks -- CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox -- have signed on to comply with a new 12-character code for tracking all advertising, a system heralded as a new standard for monitoring the $263 billion U.S. ad industry, the two advertising trade groups behind the system said.

Called Ad-ID, the technical switch is being compared to the introduction of the universal product code, or UPC -- the tiny bar codes that 30 years ago changed the way supermarket chains tracked and delivered inventory across the country.

...In about five years, Ad-ID and RFID could be used together, he said.

"Then we could measure whether we delivered the commercial to you, and, as I am monitoring your pantry, whether you bought the product, too," he said."

Very, very interesting. This is sure to detonate an arms race in privacy; it's also sure to spark a huge industry in complements (ie those who make sure RFID works with it, etc).

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