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Friday, August 27, 2004

Why revenge feels good. The results are probably not a shock to anybody, as the article points out. The problem I have with these type of studies is they don't take into account (or look at) higher thinking. So your dorsal striatum lights up when you start contemplating revenge just to remind you that it would be a highly enjoyable course of action. What I find more interesting is: what causes you to actually take out that revenge or decide not to? What parts of the brain are lighting up when you're contemplating the outcomes and making your decision. And, assuming this happens, is there a pattern in people who are essentially impulsive and do not go through this type of thought process.
In a somewhat related note, I think these petscans could be used to help us teach better. Studies of the reaction of the brain to being taught new things could allow us to better construct our teaching structure and patterns. This could apply to anything from learning to skate to how your brain interprets quantum physics. Not sure how feasible this is at the moment, but I'm going to copyright it as well ;). You owe me (a large) cut if you make any money off this...I'll be watching.

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