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Friday, August 20, 2004

Wired magazine has an article on the seemingly forgotten IPO from Nanosys. I'm not so sure about nano's immediate promise of a world replete with "nanobots" and "replicators". If you're a little more pragmatic, you'll realize that nanotechnology companies might start making money around the time your children start investing (assuming you're in your twenties).

-- dhd // 8:34 PM // 4 comments


Dude, Nano is finding markets - materials, coatings, tools. Check out Zyvex.
// Blogger umair // 9:06 PM

yeh it is, I due diligence patents on some of this stuff. It's true money making potential is still far off.
// Blogger dhd // 9:11 PM

I also think that using zyvex as an example of the nanotech industry is a bit dubious. Granted there are companies that will make money in this industry (just like genentech makes money in biotech) but as an industry as a whole, the spending on R&D will far out weigh any profits for the foreseeable future. The other problem, as mentioned in the wired article, is the definition of what the nanotechnology industry is. There's a great deal of overlap with polymer science, micromanufacturing, IC production, etc. Generally, the market has to mature before true nanotechnology applications (such as microbiotic machines) are realized.
// Blogger dhd // 10:14 PM

good points.
// Blogger umair // 1:56 AM

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