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Thursday, September 23, 2004


"...Interstate Bakeries Corp., which makes Wonder Bread and Twinkies, on Wednesday sought bankruptcy protection from its creditors."


The main driver, as I've argued before is a focus on the technics and finance of a good versus a focus on the good itself; or, as this NYT article argues:

"...Many food companies are interested in one thing - the most efficient route to extra sales. The more products consumers buy and the more of them they eat, the fatter the companies' coffers. And, alas, the fatter the consumers are likely to be, as well."

Of course, they haven't learned their lesson; they're still hard at work translating technics into marketing. Unfortunately, information in this market is easy to come by for consumers - they can simply check their waistlines. It's likely that the traditional food industry will continue to die unless they can learn from their consumers and use it to radically alter their strategy.

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