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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The First World is the New Third World

Absolutely unbelievable.

"...PARIS � Americans abroad, whose votes could be crucial if the Nov. 2 presidential election proves close, are being denied access to a U.S. Department of Defense Web site designed to make it easier for them to cast absentee ballots.
The problem concerns blocks placed on access to the Web site of the Federal Voting Assistance Program, a Defense Department division to help expatriate American voters, including servicemen and women. The site's address is"

-- umair // 11:33 AM // 1 comments


This is interesting b/c I was always under the impression overseas votes were statistically in favor of the R party, with military service folk and all. (No, I'm not saying military involvement specifically implies R-leanings, but just historically speaking...)
// Blogger matt // 6:20 AM

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