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Friday, September 10, 2004

India stories round up for the day

Your man in India : Outsourced butler? Speaking of outsourcing, GE is looking to exit from it in India. I am wondering if that's a leading indicator of the business having peaked. Elsewhere, the Indian government is hunting down illegal phone exchanges to protect reveunes of the (erstwhile) national monopoly. That's so funny! Next thing you know, they may try to outlaw the PhoneConnector or block Skype :-). They really need to wake up and smell the disruption. But then again, the Indian government is just as stupid as its counterparts around the world. *Sigh*. Well, more stupidity tax for their hapless citizens, I suppose.

-- Mahashunyam // 6:58 AM // 1 comments


"They really need to wake up and smell the disruption"
- I like that.
// Blogger dhd // 3:22 PM

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