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Friday, September 10, 2004

Innovation Enjun

Half of LA County is illitarit. Meanwhile, high and climbing transaction costs to student visas force talented kids to Europe, Canada, Asia, etc.

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Frankly, I think the US society is hugely overrated, thanks to a strongly manufactured identity for Brand America. I am still shaking my head in disbelief at the Qwest settlement. Qwest management and their board should be locked up far away from the rest of humanity for the rest of their lives.

I think the Amercian century was as much a result of large rivals such as Europe, Russia, China and India being bogged down in their own boondoggles due to historic factors such as the War, Communism and Post-colonial re-emergence, as it was due to the ingenuity and openness of the American system. However, today I find the US system to be corrupt and decrepit while openness is giving way to a closed duopoly of ideas and policy. Both the US left and right are too ideological, and too full of themselves to fix the US society, which is quite a pity. Partly as a result of this and partly due to their own re-awakening, strong rivals to American dominance will emerge in this century which, I think, will be good for the planet. At the very least, we should see EU and Asia led by China emerge as strong rivals in leading innovation and growth in the first half. I know, leftism is an albatross on Europe's neck, but I am hoping that the Eastern Bloc would be strongly pro-market and shift the EU's policy balance rightwards. Following that, I think India and Russia will bring up the rear in the latter half of the century. In any case, we're cursed to live in interesting times :-).
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