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Monday, September 20, 2004

Nice piece in the Times talks about how the increasingly moribund games industry's focus on milking the last drop out of every license is costing it creative and fresh games. The basic problem isn't development costs (although those are growing fast) as much as marketing costs - the games industry is focused on predictable 'hits'; so it's entered the same winner-take-all marketing war that Hollywood and the record industry have. This naturally means publishers will only finance games they think will predictably be hits - that's why we're at Tony Hawk 5 or something now.

Something we hear a lot about - remember, last year, even the group Blackley helped build in order to create a new financing mechanism for this industry went under. So what kind of financing mechanism will work? That's the trillion $$ question - I think distributed ecs. of scale will take care of the games industry the same way they are taking care of Hollywood and the record industry (ie massively distributed production/vaporized entry barriers).

The NYT points out another problem:

"...According to one agent who represents developers but declined to be identified because he negotiates with the major game publishers, the industry is now controlled by managers who have a background in the packaged goods industries, rather than entertainment."

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