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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Politics of the Day

Bring em on. This is why we fight. Never again.

Besides, it can't happen here.

-- umair // 1:53 PM // 1 comments


Sorry for being so dense...I just really enjoy reading your blog, and for good or ill, I just need to ask the political bent of this blog.

Not that I need to label you, but I would like to understand your posts more. Either I am missing your irony, or many of your arguments are above my understanding, or the different posters have different takes on issues, but I am having trouble synthesizing your views on Democrats and the US presidential elections viz-a-viz macroeconomics, strategy, etc.

I tend not to pay too close attention to the name of the poster, or keep them straight in my head, so if the delicious cognitive dissonance I'm experiencing is due to the independent viewpoints of the posters, that would be somewhat disappointing. In any case, I would love to see the bios section up, since I am quite inspired by the ideas presented by this blog.

Hmm, I hope I get a response. Other than that your posts on economics/markets are fascinating, if still beyond my technical understanding.

Thank you,

Alex Caro
Los Angeles, CA
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:18 AM

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