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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

God. Highlights from the British Invention Show help explain why so little real innovation happens in the UK. Read em and weep.

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Hahahaha... Umair, what a gem of an article! However, I would sustain your conclusion is wrong. Plenty of real innovation takes place in this country (but you won't find it at the British Inventors Show). I would argue the shortfall the UK has is in visionary early stage investors to develop innovations in to commercial businesses. Hundreds, if not thousands of investors materialised out of nowhere during the days and promptly disappeared thereafter leaving a real void in this market space. Believe me, raising anyting in the GBP250k to GBP10m range is a real challenge and that's where a lot of the innovations get lost, sold or stolen.
// Blogger battleaxe // 2:43 PM

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