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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hi folks,

I am slowly gonna start blogging again after a kind of long absence - apologies to those who missed me, explanations to follow. Thanks to D+M for grabbing the reins while I've been busy.

Surfing around led me to this para from Suck@1995:

"...But remember, pathological self-improvement is pass´┐Ż, anyway - in an age in which email has replaced the handshake and mouse-clicks are tantamount to heavy petting, the value of a bright smile and an eager disposition rapidly approaches jack shit."

I think this is a kiler example of an effect we now chalk up as so much bubble-era hype. Goes back to Asimov's over/underestimation in the long/short term. Interesting to think about whether it will happen now - and if new media like blogs are going to be the mechanisms whereby the self-improvement industry gets vaporized.

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