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Sunday, October 31, 2004

OBL vs Bush - Fascism is Fascism

Jeff notes that OBL 'remixed' Michael Moore. Apparently, this makes Moore and anyone who believes him really, really...evil. Cause, ya know, evil is evil, and we must defeat evil.

I note that Bush's followers are now being forced to take a Pledge of Allegiance to...Bush himself. This is fundamentally and absolutely Unamerican and undemocratic - it goes against every principle on which our country was founded.

To make a hackneyed but perhaps insightful comparison, can you imagine George Washington asking people to take a Pledge of Allegiance to him?

So which is a graver threat? I'll go with the Bush Pledge. Somehow, I don't think that OBL and Michael Moore are gonna get together and build a New Axis of Evil.

But I do mark the Bush Pledge moment as the birth of fascism - the moment when protofascism metastasized into the real thing - right here in the good ole US of A. The next few days (months?) will tell which road we choose - but what lies at the end of road Bush/Cheney are travelling is now pretty f*cking clear.

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