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Friday, October 22, 2004

>The thought of the world's largest nuclear arsenal sitting just below the 49th parallel, with an idiot cowboy running the show, gives me fear.

Now there is the beginning of wisdom. I encourage you to think of us as being as dangerous as a rattlesnake when stepped on, to act accordingly, and to spread this realistic attitude. I can get my love from those I respect.
# // Tim Oren // 6:08 AM

My response: Sure, I can think of America as a dangerous rattlesnake. I'll step on it, it'll bite. Then I'll stomp on its head so it dies, go to the hospital, get the anti-venum, and when I'm sitting by my fire that night I'll think: "well, it was a just a stupid animal that hadn't evolved enough to understand that voilent retrobution is not the answer to all of life's problems." It's strangely ironic that you would proudly compare the USA to a slithering unevolved animal that's only mental function is the fight or flight response.

If you read through your responses, it appears you're pretty right wing. A neocon in fact. It seems you might have an alternate interest in middle eastern politics you're not fully disclosing.

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