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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Closing the Cool Gap

Interesting (if a bit trivial) example of how technology extends a firm's reach in space and time to allow it respond faster and significantly alter market dynamics. In this, close the cool gap (the time it takes for cool to trickle down to Joe Sixpack) and reduce the time to cool for kids in the suburbs. Of course, all this depends on the firm's cognitive capacity - can they see the opportunities to do so?

"...Hot Topic, uses its broadband network to help it stay current with fast-changing teen trends´┐Żfor example, by encouraging store associates to report by e-mail when a band catches on in their area and the store needs to start stocking its T-shirts (see "Small Companies, Big Returns," October 2003, p. 41)".

Link. Also interesting to think about what this means for the dynamics of cool- there are now significantly diminishing returns to being cool, which means an inversion is about to happen...

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