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Friday, November 26, 2004

Finance 2.0

Human capital equity stakes: backing succesful gamblers.

"...Each share is now being paid over $35,000. Thus, I am paying out over $2.1 million to my backers. My largest single backer invested $5000 two years ago, and will be paid over one-third of a million dollars."

(Later post, same thread):

"...Its like a share in a corporation, they buy into his poker career for a year or more at a time. They have a share in everything he does poker related, since it all comes from a pool of money he and the backers created. So how much money it took to win a seat doesn't matter, it comes from the pool of money backed by his backers."

Apparently, finance 2.0 is a lot like finance -2.0 - this kind of thing used to happen much more openly in the 18/19th centuries if memory serves correctly. Of course, the dark side of human capital equity did then too (slavery).

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This kind of model might be applicable to covering the salary costs of professional athletes. I'm not quite sure how, but the athletes could act as performance agents with money invested on a share value based on the previous (or predicted) performance of the player.
// Blogger dhd // 6:46 PM

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