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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Got the following comment:

""Rove's ultimate genius was to figure out a better way to game our voting mechanisms."

By game do you mean vote count fraud or not? Or do you think the gaming is not worth investigating for some reason?"

I think looking at the numbers make it pretty likely that there was some kind of vote tampering happening. I've said this since election night, when various bits of information (exit polls/registrations/actuals) just didn't add up.

Now, nothing's impossible. But let's at least falsify the theory that votes WERE tampered with - by investigating votes and trails of votes across swing states.

The reason that the Dems keep losing is simple: when confronted with hardball tactics, they back down. Kerry conceded the day after the election because it was 'good for America'. I can't respect that decision, because it's fundamentally irrational. It's a classic example of hindsight bias - justifying an old decision based on new information. Here's another one.

My position is that Dems don't know yet whether they won or lost - so they shouldn't jump to silly conclusions about pandering to 'values voters'. But the fundamental perspective underlying this position is this: sometimes, it's not how you play the game - it's whether you win or lose.

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