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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A great deal of rightists claim Fahrenheit 9/11 to be propaganda.

I don't quite understand this. I agree that some scenes are inserted out of context and some of the interpretations are probably op-ed. BUT, the video footage isn't doctored...this stuff actually happened.

...the bin ladens and bushs in warm embraces and the financial history of the bin ladens supporting the bushs.
...GWB sitting around after the plane hit.
...the black delegates to the congress pleading for a senator's signature

I can go on here. But does anybody have any solid opinion on why 9/11 is propaganda. It seems to me to be opinion based on fact. I mean it's a little rich for Jesusland supporters to be crying foul about propaganda after witnessing the Iraq war debacle and the multitude of all out lies (not even propaganda) that was used to support the current war.

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