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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Has 200 years of history shown that the American 'experiment' is a failure?

It was been a long time since the civil war, yet it appears nothing has changed. Sure, the issues have changed and matured, but the same line between 'south' and 'north' seems to be clearly apparent. Where there was a question of slavery, there is now the question of gay marriage or stem cell research. The really scary thing is, although the moral questions have changed, the moral reasoning has not. God has again reared his ugly head and lead a pack of mindless half-wits on the road to self-dillusioned lunacy. I'm sure god used to tell the south that it was ok to enslave an entire people based on their skin colour, as he is now telling the 'heartland' that it's ok to discriminate against somebody for his/her sexual preference. And blindly, like cattle being led to the slaughter, you follow...

Evolution is false, time to teach creationism? If you believe this, your head is firmly up your ass. You evolved from a slug, some more evolved than others apparently.

Gays have no rights? Christians fundamentalists should have no rights, we sure don't need anymore of them procreating. The traditional institution of marriage (between a man and woman) is so ludicrously corrupt in the US anyway, what level of hypocrisy does it take for these idiots to claim that they are somehow protecting marriage by denying gays the right to sign prenups, have shotgun weddings in vegas, get divorced, and argue over who gets the beamer?

Stem cell research is bad? You know what, believe what you want with this one. When you get brain cancer from too much bible study, you can go to your local evangelist to get healed. I'll head to my doctor and rely on science. If it fails, at least I didn't pin my hopes on a lie that's been perpetuated for 2000 years.

Abortion is bad? Life begins when you are born. Everything before this, you are inescapably tied to another being. If a fetus risks the well-being of a mother, the mother's life comes first. It's that simple, deal with it.

Think the war in Iraq was right and just? Think the war on terror is effective? Do you understand that this non-sense has been going on since the middle ages? Is killing people a good way to make friends and earn respect? The USA isn't an innocent victim.

This is what America has voted for. How can any rational human being accept such utter nonsense?

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