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Friday, November 19, 2004

Politics of the Day (2)

I am really trying to stop the politics. That said, I found this quote over at the covertly racist Belmont Club, where there's a great deal of paranoia about the 'coming war' (I guess they missed the one we started last year):

"...I was also curious as to whether anything had been written about "subclinical" urban warfare, situations in which government authority is limited, but not actually totally prevented, by a network of gangs, intimidation and social pressure. That would probably characterize some of the worse Islamic ghettos in Europe. Is there a continuum in which terrorist cells in embryo can turn a subclinical urban area into a "no go" site?."

Bolding's mine. I call these guys covertly racist because the same logic applies, of course to our country - there are ghettos near where I grew up in Chicago and DC where 'government authority is limited by networks and gangs'.

But, of course, it's only the 'Islamic ghettos' in Europe which receive attention from these guys. If you don't follow the argument, the clear implication is that there's an unmentioned 'special sauce' which will soon cause 'terrorism' to flow from these 'Islamic ghettos', ie, the fact that these poor bastards were born Muslim.

Look, racism is necessarily blind and backs itself up with selective retrieval of information. Here's a great example.

I don't like to talk politics here, but I don't feel good letting this kind of thing go unchallenged.

Beyond that, the bigger point is actually really very, very simple. Radical Islam is a cause of violence. But let's get at it from the root, not the branches. The money and ideology all flow from Saudi Arabia. Period. The branches are irrelevant - cut one off, and another one will take it's place. Until we can stand up to our Saudi pals, no 'war on terra' can possibly be won.

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