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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Replication Wars - Endgame

"...Buried inside the massive $388 billion spending bill Congress approved during the weekend is a program that creates a federal copyright enforcement czar.

...Under the program, the president can appoint a copyright law enforcement officer whose job is to coordinate law enforcement efforts aimed at stopping international copyright infringement and to oversee a federal umbrella agency responsible for administering intellectual property law."

This is the endgame - the legislation of a total solution to protect the entertainment industry's dead business model. Of course, other industries were likely involved as well (pharma) - but it's fairly clear who's behind this. Will it work?

Look, it won't matter. That's the tragedy of this - by protecting themselves, the entertainment industry's simply denying it's own strategy decay. You can protect something, but if no one wants it, it's not worth protecting.

So the point is that the opportunity cost of this strategy is radical innovation supporting newer business models aligned with the massively disrupted environment the industry finds itself in. They've chosen protection over innovation - exposing vital points for smaller, nimbler competitors to strike.

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