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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Russia is developing a new fangled nuclear weapons system according to Putin (that's not Poutine, for our American friends).

The reasoning seems a little dubious. Apparently, they want to develop these systems as a deterrent to international terrorists. ??? So, you want a weapon to fight an enemy with out a home country, and you develop a nuclear missile that can carry 10 warheads? Doesn't make sense. What really seems to be happening is that Russia has decided that their current foreign policy attitude towards American imperialism blossoming in their backyard isn't such a great idea after all, and they're developing the next generation of cold war weaponry. Of course, it was the Americans that pulled out of the international anti-ballistic missile treaty. Way to go jesus land...yet another example of how rural whitetrash farmer america is going to screw the rest of us.

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