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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Slashdot roundup

Over the last few days, slashdot had some very cool posts. Just making this list for myself:

1.How's a CPU Made.

2.Linux certified laptops. In chasmological evolution, certification is done for getting the pragmatists. Does this mean the Linux is now getting into the mass market phase? Here's a second opinion.

3.Open source virtual machine software from Xen. After EMC took out VMWare, there's a gap in the market. Interesting to see that Open Source is coming out with a couple of different solutions. User Mode Linux is the competitor to this. Virtual Machine sfotware has potential to disrupt the software industry in many ways, and few of these have been exploited so far. Note to self : think of some product ideas around Virtual Machines.

4.The stupidity of the USPTO never ceases to amaze (amuse) me. Here's another.

5.Blu-ray disk made from corn. Brilliant! There's money in them green stuff.

6.BitTorrent comes of age. Must be those Crossfire downloads.

7.Open source disruption for VoIP. Note to self : think about how this can be marketed.

8.Innovation by integration continues in gadgets. Nokia, NTT, More Nokia.

9.Philips and ARM develop a clockless CPU core.

10.How infants crack the speech code.

11.Simulation economy : virtual stunt-actors in Hollywood. Reality-enhanced tourism. Tele-immersion.

12.World's first Ultra-Thin multilayer circuitboard. This is HUGE.

13.Mobile WiFi is lurking around the corner. Can't wait for the telco mafias to get disrupted by this one.

14.The Penguin rocks in Brazil and India. Go, Linux!

15.Virtual displays.

16.Internet TVs. Note to self : think about an EBay like model for trading TV content.

17.Optical control of light on a silicon chip. This is HUGE. Optoelectronics will be the key to beating the demise of Moore's Law.

18.Hypo-allergenic cats for sale in the US. Wonder if EU's GM laws allow them to be exported :-).

19.Understanding PowerPC architecture.

20.Outsourcing 2.0 : Medicare goes to India.


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