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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Why They Hates Us

Protein Wisdom's written a bunch of racist jokes that are supposed to be, you know, ironic:

"Overheard inside a Mosul bunker, Tuesday, November 16
First militant: �If you listen closely, you can hear infidel tanks splintering the bones of our fallen brothers, peace be upon them. Does this not fill you with vengeance, Farouk?�

Second militant: �Farouk? Who is Farouk? My name is Tamil."

You see, they hates us because we place so little value on their lives we not only joke about, well, killing the shit out of them, but we also manage to conflate two entirely different kinds of brown people living thousands of miles apart - but hey, since all brown people are stupid, violent f&ckers, and we're American, it's our God-given right to.

A very big f*ck you to the abhorrently racist PW.

-- umair // 10:51 AM // 1 comments


I saw that joke somewhere a couple days ago, and I couldn't figure out why anyone would think it was funny even if they were racist freepers, given that just for starters, the Tamils aren't Muslim, last time I checked.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:08 PM

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