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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Born in the USA

You see, what the Middle East fears is that liberation = occupation. Does it? You decide - here's what we're doing in Fallujah:

"...The ongoing policy of house-to-house inspections, combined with ultra-tight security regulations aimed at not allowing suspected guerrillas to reenter the city, is supposed to insure that everyone inside the Fallujahn perimeter will not only be disarmed but obedient to occupation demands and desires. The name tags and the high-tech identity cards are meant to guard against both forgeries and unlawful movement within the city. The military-style work gangs are to insure that everyone is under close supervision at all times. The restricted entry points are clearly meant to keep all weapons out. Assumedly kept out as well will be most or all reporters (they tend to inflame public opinion), most medical personnel (they tend to "exaggerate" civilian casualties), and most Sunni clerics (they oppose the occupation and support the insurgency)."

I imagine if someone showed up at my house on the East Coast and wanted to liberate me by:

- forcing me to wear a name tag at all times
- restricting my movements
- forcing me to work in a gang

I might reasonably be less than compliant, and a little suspicious of the liberators' motives.

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