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Friday, December 10, 2004

Google Vs Evil

Goog to test animated gifs for AdSense:

"...The Mountain View, Calif., Internet-search giant published a note on its site telling AdSense customers -- the Web-site partners that display Google's keyword-driven ads -- that it plans to accept animated ads in the GIF format from a small group of test advertisers. The test is part of an effort to expand its image ad program, which has been in beta testing since May, to include more formats."

Here's the relevant Google page. Needless to say, I think this is a really bad idea - yes, it will generate massive revenue in the short-term, but it exposes them to disruption from innovators focused on new forms of advertising. Of course, Google's public now, so priorities have changed...

-- umair // 1:21 PM // 1 comments


This is a truly awful idea. Google's brand equity is irrevocably tied into clutter-free display. Brand equity is difficult to measure, and I agree that short-term profits are being prioritized over long-term gain.
// Blogger kh // 5:09 PM

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