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Monday, December 13, 2004

iPod vs PSP

Apparently, the buzz is that the new PSP is a fairly nice MP3 player as well. Will make for some interesting market dynamics. Here's a nice PSP faq; Lik-Sang has the obligatory post-launch pics.

Update - took some flak for suggesting the PSP would be an iPod competitor. Actually, I'm not suggesting that - just pointing out the market is giving us clues about future trajectories for the architectural evolution of handheld technology. Obviously, the PSP isn't a substitute for the iPod because of the difference in memory - but generation 2 might be, or a clone might, etc, etc.

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Would the average iPod owner buy yet another portable music playback device? Probably not. Penetrating the iPod market won't be easy, and there are hundreds of other challengers. So how do you get a device in the hands of an iPod owner? Well, for starters, don't focus on its music playback capabilities. The PSP is first and foremost a gaming machine; second a movie machine; and third, an audio machine. But it's all three, and argueably does all three quite well. SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) created a new category, because it new it couldn't be first in an old one.
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