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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Media 2.0

Tim Wu interview. Some of the same old Lessig positions, some interesting points:

"...I think things are even worse than Cass Sunstein predicted. What Cass wrote about in the 1990s was the basic problem of debate polarization. But I don�t think he expected that even facts themselves would come up for grabs, leaving each side living in fully constructed parallel universes of disinformation.

...I don�t blame the blogs. Here is the problem: we are living with the unexpected consequences of low-cost information dissemination, or �cheap speech.� Cheapness is generally good, but it also creates strange consequences. Cheap corn, for example, makes us fat. Cheap drugs, like crack cocaine, can destroy neighborhoods. And cheap information is making us stupid."

This is what I call hyperpolarization. I don't think it's only a consequence of the cost of information - it's a consequence of the cognitive cost of dissonance versus the cheaper cost of reinforcing information. In other words, it's more expensive to deal with reality than it is now to find info that agrees with what you already believe.

This is what's creating the market spaces detailed below.

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