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Monday, January 31, 2005

A bigger India, a new identity- The Times of India

India's worldwide diaspora begins to develop a global consciousness, moots the idea of a third house of the Parliament.

This is a fascinating development, as I personally believe diasporas are a key source of comparative advantage for developing countries, and their home governments must become smart in leveraging that advantage. So far, they have only targeted their expats to attract financial capital, but the real source of macroeconomic competence is going to be intellectual and social capital, for which diasporas are a hugely valuable source. Smart societies will lead their governments into harnessing such capital into their socio-political institutions.

Political representation for the diasporas would have hugely favourable macroeconomic consequences for these countries. This is the future of government, folks! Instead of One World government, we're going to see removal of geographical constraints to participation in government. Citizenship and political affiliation will be based upon shared ideological, cultural and ethnic identities. Dual citizenships of today will become multiple co-citizenships in future, as people will make their voices heard in all nation-satates where they have a stake. An American citizen of Indian origin running a business in Singapore will want her voice heard in all three countries, for example. New forms of socio-political organizations will push governments to make this kind of multiple participation happen through institutions such as the Vishwa Sabha (Global Assembly) mooted by the Indians. Of course, the Net will create large-scale co-ordination machines. Pretty cool stuff.

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