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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cringely on the Mac Mini as personal video iPod - we talked about this a week or so back.

He makes the jumps to Mac Mini + iFlicks as the integrated digital distribution end of video, just like iTunes and iPod - something that's been discussed a lil bit before, but never put in the context of Jobs as movie industry players, which Cringely talks about. This is brilliant stuff and I think it's right on.

In fact, just like iTunes is where Apple really stands to capture massive long-term value, iFlicks + iTunes may position Apple as the digital media distribution monopolist (I am assuming that players will become rapidly commoditized, as is already happening).

-- umair // 1:28 PM // 2 comments


Looks like he was right. Did a google on iFlix and it's already an Apple download:
// Blogger battleaxe // 12:13 AM

Your original takes on digital music and Apple, sort of dissed their lack of licensing Fairplay. To put it simply I think you disagreed with their strategy to eschew becoming a platform leader in favor of becoming a "monopoly purchaser" of music from the labels.

Is that still your take? You don't sound too negative describing Apple as a "digital media distribution monopolist" in this post.


Alex in Los Angeles
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:01 PM

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