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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Genome Economy

The cost of gene synthesis is dropping exponentially, making mass production viable - a Moore's law for the biotech industry? The key driver is microfluidics - arrays which can synthesize genes in massive parallel at little cost. Synthetic Bio imho promises to be a truly disruptive technology - forget disk drives, think penicillin:

"...These results illustrate the potential of microfluidics-based ultra-fast oligonucleotide parallel synthesis as an enabling tool for modern synthetic biology such as construction of genome-scale vectors and cell free proteome protein expression. It is exciting to foresee one day protein libraries can be made as easily as libraries of small molecules so that the functions encoded in protein sequences can be fully explored to benefit human health and life."

Link to quote. Some microfluidics players: Fluidigm, Surface Logix, Caliper.

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