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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Marketing 2.0

Rubel thinks companies will sponsor tags in the near future. The value prop sounds a little dubious to me versus traditional text ads...

-- umair // 1:39 PM // 2 comments


Can someone explain to me how in a world where everyone tags everything the folksonomies produced done devolve in value to that of natural language searches? And whence we discover that most people find google *not a required element* in their web surfing, that value itself is marginal. I think its another meta-data beat up. I cant see it working bottom up any better than it did (semi) top down...dublin core up yer a*se I say.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:32 AM

That is an extremely interesting comment. I have gotta think about that for a while.
// Blogger umair // 6:12 PM

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